What name would you call your autobiography..?

what name would you call your autobiography…?

Hmm. Adios God (there is an irony to it)

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if you read mine its so shocking in parts you would mutter wtf what the fck…so the name of my book, is ''what the fck’’

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The best name for a book about sz that I have seen is “Me, Myself, and Them”. But it is already taken and I forget who wrote it.

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Anger, Apathy and Absolution

My autobiography was called “OUT OF IT - an autobiography on the experience of schizophrenia” the first thirty pages of it are on the schizophrenia.com page of this website. the book is available on amazon.

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Dance on the wet cement!

Was part of a hallucination I had once. It’s a rather catchy quote so thought I’d use for my autobiography since it would explain where the title came from.

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Bad Timing
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“Schizophrenia: An Owners Manual on how to Survive”.


The diary of an egomaniac

“They think im sick?”

“Possessed man buying coffee.”

“Who put all of these detailed faces everywhere?”

id call it “MindFold to the Seventh Degree”

I scribbled “diary of a madman” all over mine.

“Pink rabbits and the God complex”

Pink rabbits because when I was in hospital my key worker never listened and to test it I told her I was seeing pink rabbits, she didn’t bat an eyelid (not because she was skilled in hiding her emotions-but that would cause natural reaction in most people, she just didn’t listen) and it never came up in notes etc. so it’s a running joke in my family. And God complex because that’s what I tend to get like when I’m bad. I think I’m right and everyone else is absurd! Not so funny because it’s damaging, I’m still in one technically, phasing in and out
of it.

It’s a title I came up with quite a while ago and I’m talking years, so I may keep it, or I may not! I’ll see when I finally write that first page :yum:!

I like this thread,
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Mindstorm - my journey with mental illness.
I did actually write it and try to publish it, but things went messy, so its lying unread for now.

If I ever wrote a book (which I will if I get a doctorate), it will be called “Sh!t is not okay.” Thats what I say when I am losing it.

Or maybe I would call it “FUBAR”

or hey how about “Nightmare”

or “Issues”

or what about “The mouse that roared” wait thats already a book…

or “Freud was right”
or “Read at your own risk”


I think I would call it


because I have had a lot of heartache over the course of my life. And it’s doubled with sz.

I would try to share what I loved and what I loathed and what was made instead: creative works.

Living a productive life reborn into natural

Bizarre, I was considering this just five minutes ago. I thought maybe ‘putting together my fragmented self’ or ‘The experience’ Or maybe I would call it ‘the friends that never go home’ as that’s how I used to think of it. D x

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Brilliant title Meg!