What movie should I watch?


If you haven’t seen “Tucker and Dale vs evil” I would watch that. Pretty funny movie.


Yeah I’ve seen all of these movies😅

But I think I’m leaning more toward that one… or I might save it for tomorrow…


I haven’t seen any of those movies. Which are you in the mood for?

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Haha I honestly don’t know… I’ll just end up picking one eventually

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Dinner for Schmucks lol

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I think a good movie should be like my last family reunion.

It should have gunfire…a car chase…and gratuitous use of midgets.

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Kill bill 1. Really good movie.

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If it’s not truman show or matrix, it’s fine, no matter which movie you will watch

I think you should watch kill bill 1!

Kill Bill or Tucker and Dale.

I liked Law Abiding Citizen . Kill bill is also pretty cool too

I’ve seen Dinner for Schmucks. It’s a good movie. Or Shallow Hal looks good.

i vote kill bill too =)