What make you mad the most about your pet....?


The thing that makes me most mad is im not allowed one due to my landlord…

Nothing, he’s purrfect :blush:

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When he urinates on the new carpet that our landlady just had installed 6 months ago. Bad kitty.

When my Grey kitty (one of six kitties) dumps the water out of their dish onto the floor.

He will sit and stare into the bowl of water until he is mesmerized with his reflection, then in a strange trance-like state, will fish the water out with one paw,as if he’s trying to free a comrade.
When that doesen’t wet the floor enough, he sits up on his hind feet and places 2 paws on one side of the bowl, then push the bowl edge down, creating a mini-tsunami that breaks over the edge and wets everything.


So far he can’t fully tip the newest bowl, it’s a huge, heavy dog bowl, but even so,
he still tries.

If that isn’t bad enough, he taught the youngest tuxedo kitty to follow in his pawsteps.

Toilet bowl water for all the kitties from now on.

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Our lease says “no pets”, but when I asked our landlady directly after living here over a year, she said yes. Have you ever asked? Sorry if you have and the answer was no. :confused:

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When our dogs bark for no particular reason.

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I mostly get mad at my Dad for over-feeding them, not properly training them and sending them mixed messages, letting them sleep on his bed when they hurt his bad back.

I only have problems when my dogs raid the litter box when I’m not home.

@SYNACK I used to have that problem but ever since I’ve been taking them for walks, they have mellowed out. Right now they are in the back yard being completely quiet. All dogs need to go for walks to satisfy their curiosity of their surroundings. If they don’t, they get pent up energy that they can’t expel. So I hope you have the time and ability to walk them, for your sake and theirs.

When the moody bugger won’t eat (we’re talking about a snake). Most finicky snake I’ve ever owned. Little guy would rather starve himself.

I never get mad at my dog - He is a really kind hearted soul, not a sneaky or bad bone in his body

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I’m going to run an experiment. I’m going to turn my camera on and go for a walk. The camera is going to observe my dogs behavior and see who is actually getting into the litter box and how they go about doing this. I think it’s my smallest dog, oreo, that is eating the poop because she is either bored or having a compulsive issue from being alone. We shall see.

Claudelet used to have pica, which scared the crap out of me. She ate paper, string, surgical gauze, steel wool, Gorilla Glue. Food was less interesting to her. The number of times that cat ended up at the veterinary ER…

I don’t really get angry at my cats. When they do something dangerous, though, I feel a kind of frightened that’s a close relative.


My cat doesn’t really anger me ever. Technically she’s not a pet, she’s a therapy animal, but I couldn’t really ask for a better cat.

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the only thing my baby does that makes me angry is when he doesn’t eat. he prefers to sleep.

It was a no …

I seldom get angry at my cat, but I did get mad when she crapped on the floor a couple of times. I swept her out the door with a broom, and that cured her of that behavior. She loves me because I feed her and scratch her.

What can I get angry for at a goldfish? lol, I have three and they are a source of pleasure to watch. Pity i can’t hug them though! :smile: