What kind of popcorn do you like?

Mine is toffee and chocolate covered popcorn! I love my chocolate!


I really like Crunch n Munch, that toffee-covered popcorn and peanut stuff. Or cheese-flavored. That’s good, too.


Lots of butter movie popcorn.


Toffee covered all the way.

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Lightly salted or buttered :yum:

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ranch or sour cream and onion

Salt and butter

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Chicago style popcorn,

The kind with cheddar and caramel combined.

i like cashew lover’s poppycock

Salted and drowned in butter, super greasy deliciousness.

Hot buttered movie theatre popcorn.

Without the movie theatre.


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Caramel popcorn. White cheddar too

I’m not a huge popcorn fan but sour cream and onion popcorn is pretty good

Red chilli salt is my favourite.

I like regular buttered popcorn. Sometimes I’ll get fancy and sprinkle it with white cheddar jalapeno powder stuff. Mmmm

I like movie theater buttered popcorn. The movie seems better with popcorn.

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Salt and butter.
Olive oil and salt

There used to be a popcorn store called Popology by my house and they sold this rainbow flavored candy popcorn. I loved it but they closed the store. You can still order online but they don’t offer that flavor on their internet store.

I love popcorn from the movies with lots of bitter though

I like Orville Redenbachen’s simply salted, or homemade with a little salt and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray

Jalapeno popcorn. Kettle corn. Hmm. That’s my favorite dos.