What is your haldol docoanate dosage?

I think of upping my haldol depot from 50mg once a month to every two weeks. What is your dose and did upping help you.?

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250mg monthly 666/999

Wow man that is a really big dose! Do you have some any nasty side effects from it?

I take a total of 8mg in haldol tablets 400mg of abilify maintaina every 3 weeks among others I’ve never taken the injections but the pill saved my life

No side effects . Every month I am looking forward to the new injection. When it starts to work, it relieves from symptoms


I think I will be on 50 mg

I made an appointed with pdoc to see her this wednesday and ask for a dose increase, I will suggest going 50mg every two weeks

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Evening bump 1515

I’m on 125 mg of haldol every two weeks. It has helped me a lot.

Any side effects???

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