What is your favorite outfit

I like wearing my leather jacket, with jeans.


My style is terrible. I like my sweatpants and hoodie coz they’re comfy :man_shrugging:


I usually wear either jeans or shorts and a t-shirt.


windbreaker jacket’s my favourite, i also like sweaterweather

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In the summer I love shorts and a matching t-shirt for public casual dress. In winter I love my hoodie or heavy duty winter jacket with a t-shirt and jeans and my footwear depends on what I am doing.

Otherwise when I am at home I like wearing loose shorts or pajamas with an old t-shirt.

  • Hot weather: tank top & shorts.
  • Warm-ish / chilly-ish weather: baggy, loose, big shirt & leggings OR long sleeved shirt / plaid flannel shirt and ripped jeans.
  • Cold weather: hoodie & jeans or thick, warm leggings.
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I am a classic jeans and shirt type of guy

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Shorts and a t shirt or a shirt

Mostly leggings or sweatpants and a tee shirt and hoodie.

When I go out to places like work, grocery store, mall, etc… I wear a polo shirt (My navy blue one is my favourite) with shorts/jeans and my running shoes.

At home bumming around the house I wear cotton pajama botoms, kinda like sweat pants, but much thinner, and a t-shirt.

winter time i wear this day and night.
actually sleep in it and then wear it day time too.
only shower to change undies.

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spring and autumn i favour my harem pants with t shirt.

winter hoodie and track pants or tights because its most comfortable and warm.

summer time i dig simple comfortable dress or my favourite gothic shoes with dress.

my favourit hoodie i got from a christian organisation although im not christian it carries a message i believe in.

my favourite t shirt is from a sanctuary and has a pig on it.

today i am wearing my favourite colder weather dress which is longed sleeve black and white collar.

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Winter: my Slovak army field jacket, cargo pants, and my black stomp boots

I wear tracksuit trousers mostly, but trying to shift back to jeans.

Find them comfortable to wear.

Now I wear a lot of different colours, whereas I used to just wear black

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