What is your favorite car

I owned a beat up one of these years ago. I miss the car

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This is so cute

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The og m3 is still my favorite bmw of all time.

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Dodge Viper :open_mouth:


I like Lexus bcz its the most fiable, breaks the least often:

2020 Chrysler 300

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I like the Ford Mustang, not that I’ve ever owned one.

Ford Mustangs are still around. The last one I saw had a loud exhaust.

I don’t know much about them. I just like their appearance.

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Mustangs were the muscle cars for people who didn’t own the bank. But yeah, after awhile one has to maintain everything.

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One that is affordable, great in snow, and gets great gas mileage

The dodge challenger hellcat red eye.

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The 99-00 civic type r

1960’s volkswagen beetle, dream car, never owned one.

This list doesnt make sense buick chevrolet and cadillac are all owned by gmc. It’s just a badge on the car.

Idk about the list but many garagists told us that the most reliable cars are Lexus and Toyota.

Ya Lexus and Toyota are often very reliable vehicle. Dont know how easy to fix or availability of parts are. Here we have dodge ford and gm dealers as well as a couple chain parts stores. I have to say my Chevy’s have been unreliable buy I can do most repairs myself.

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I know nothing about cars and have no intention of learning ever. I can’t drive and won’t ever. I’m good with the bus and walking

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