What is your biggest regret?

Oh yeah. Her parents were very kind to her and the guy that got her pregnant. She and I were in labor about the same time.

The only boy I let Sparrow hang out with was the neighbor and his parents were always home. And if he was at my house an adult was always home.

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Having sz, I feel that it was my fault. I cant blame others for it.

my biggest regret is going to college instead of going to trade school/apprenticeship or joining the air force. that’s about it.

also my college girlfriend is a big regret of mine.

I cant think of anything

Oh yea binge eating, half my far

There’s loads of regrets.

My biggest regret is getting mental illness easily. If I think about the cause of my mental illness it’s gonna drive me mad trying to justify or discredit or credit anything etc but hey I’m glad I can move forward and don’t have to live in the past anymore. Although hard to change thinking too much. Ruminating in my mind

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