What is important to you?

I started this morning with feelings of self harm, lots of anger and frustration. It lifted after a couple of hours and I moved on to thinking nothing matters. Then my dog Daisy came and sat next to me and I realised she did matter to me.

I find when I get in a bad way, I have to cut back on what I find important so I don’t have so much to deal with. I really should keep in mind those basic things that matter to me and not worry so much about other things, even when I start to feel better.

I made a short list now of things that matter to me when I’m on the ropes. That would be my dog, my parents and my sister and her family. Some things I normally find important but can’t deal with today are work, health, self grooming, social life, etc.

If you don’t mind sharing, what is most important to you when things are going badly?


What’s most important to me are my two older sisters. My parents long since passed away.

Being in somewhat good physical health is important to me too. I watched my dad’s health deteriorate because his excessive smoking from his teens to his early 40s damaged his heart. Because of this fact, I swore to always take care of my health by not smoking or going overboard with drinking. I stopped drinking after I started taking Abilify.

I guess have somewhat good physical health helped my mental health to a certain extent.


My immediate family are important to me, the few friends I have and finishing school… becoming something. Being healthy is also important.