What inspires you the most

What inspires you the most? For me, it having good days.

Really inspiring people!!!

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Late grandfather. And my own vision, or aspiration.

That, and anything that is relatable and follows themes of relatable ideas.

Animal rights activists and environment activists.

My x inspires me too despite that he hates such activists.ha ha ha

Loved ones I love and how great people they are to me.

Stockhausen inspires me

Nice and thoughtfull people.

Buff old people. Like 70ā€™s 80ā€™s peeps jacked or doing active things. Gives me hope.

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Spirituality, positive thinking, powerful art, powerful films, friendship.


Cheese 15151515

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My family, spirituality, nature, music, poetry


It used to be a twelve pack of beer. Iā€™d say someone who really excels at doing what is right.