What increases your mental strenght?

I am open to views here

I think l-carnosine helps me with that.

Learning new things. Exercising your brain


i found free will to my problems

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Caffeine, and maybe nicotine.

Nicotine is also a stimulant.

Living life. 15


Charismatic speeches and reading about heroic actions.

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I read this as what increases your signal stregth lol I was reading an article about increasing wifi signal strength right before lol

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Prayer. But to each their own.

vigorous exercise/ jogging long distances

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Playing poker or chess

Reading speed and comprehension. Best skill in the world.

Building up reserves of healthy habits and good relationships while you’re in a good phase. That way you have a lot of reserves to fall back on when things go bad. I think that’s what worked for me.

Clean home, nature specifically heavily wooded areas, making art and time away from obligatory social interaction.

Good sleep
Practicing piano
Studying Spanish
Good nutrition
Good relations with S.O.

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