What I wish I would have said

I’ve been by my older brothers side for as long as I can remember. My 14 huge file folders stuffed with letters from him that stretch as far back as my memory, my spoons, all the shell rings he’s made me, even some of the scars in my very skin are all a tribute to my life with my older brother who is fighting his illness.

There is also my own diary. I have a journal of odd reactions and rude comments I’ve gotten from people in this life. When something comes up and I do act polite and try and educate and I try never to perpetuate a stereotype or talk of illness in a glib or flippant way.

But then, that night as I lay in bed recalling the people I’ve met in my day, my brain shouts out, “Poo on being polite, I wish I would have said this”

I’ve journaled many of the responses I wish I would have said.

Some of the top 10 things I wish I would have said at the time.

Number 10: (because he’s functioning) By George your right, the voices, the hospital stays, the meds he takes, it’s all part of a clever ruse. He’s not ill at all. Or “Ignorance is a mental illness too, read a book and cure yourself.”

Number 9: He doesn’t need a smart phone app to figure out it’s raining on him. My brother is smarter then you.

Number 8: Just because you don’t get what he’s saying doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

Number 7: No it’s not his Sz acting up, he is ignoring you. I should do the same.

Number 6: Yes, you are correct you can’t tell he’s Sz by what he does. But I can tell your ignorant by what you say.

Number 5: Stop telling me about what you saw in the news, my brother isn’t violent. I am. You should run away before I hit you

Number 4: He’s not the dangerous one. I am.

Number 3: Just how does a person with mental illness “LOOK” exactly?

Number 2: Could you please tell me the exact definition of “NORMAL”

Number 1: My brother has a mental illness. He’s not deaf. We can both hear you.

an extra one that I DO say often: “Please believe me, he’s much nicer then I am. Please walk away and no one gets hurt”


Love this! I wish I had a sister like you around to say witty things in my defense!

Please keep posting :slight_smile:




It’s ok to be verbally blunt sometimes.


just a few of my favorite things said to me;
just get over it
why don’t you just snap out of it
i don’t think you have a mental illness, you are just rude
you are funny so why don’t you attend more parties ?
you caught sz when you left home
take care

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You are very handy to have around, kidsister. If I could, I would give you TWO spoons from my drawer.


#1 really makes me angry me and my brothers old friends talk to me like he’s deaf when really he knows exactly what is being said but can’t respond because how embarrassing it is.

Some of my favorite things that I’ve heard people say:
Once you get off the meds you’ll be okay.
God is all you need.
Everybody hears a voice in their head.


I have heard and I also can’t stand the three things you’ve listed either.

Those just make me get away from that person quick.

I realize my previous wording was off.

My sis says the broken heater and sauna like conditions in our apartment is making me wobbly. I might have to get out of here for a bit.

The number one makes me angry too. I am so tired of trying to be polite and educational. I am thinking of taking my brothers advice and getting blunt.

If they are blunt enough to be that rude, then maybe I should be blunt enough to tell them how rude they are being.

But as Gandhi said, “and eye for an eye makes everyone blind”

pahahahahahaha! everyone here needs a kiD sister like you LOL