What fruits do you like?

I like most fruits. As long as it is sweet. I like mango a lot. I


Kiwis and figs

Good sources of calcium

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I’m with you, I like sweet fruit. My sister likes tart fruit. She’s always getting berries which to me are a disappointment from the grocery store because they don’t let them sweeten before picking them.

I guess I usually go for bananas because they are consistently sweet or easy to ripen. I also love melons in season for their sweetness, especially cantaloupe and watermelon. I like Fuji apples, crisp and sweet, and like to eat them with peanut butter sometimes. I like strawberries every once in awhile but I clean them, cut them and toss them with sugar and let them sit awhile till they get juicy and sweet. I love oranges in season. Pineapple is a favorite. And I like red grapes.

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Mangos are not fruit, they are a divine gift directly from heaven. Think about it. Ever seen a mango tree in a forest? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Peaches are real good. Kiwis too. Oranges as well. Water melon.

I like watery fruits.


I don’t think there’s a fruit i don’t like
im with you on the mangoes though

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Honey dew melon
Red grapes

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I haven’t come across a fruit I didn’t love.

I haven’t come across a durian yet though… :tangerine:


I like all fruits.

I’m diabetic so I have to watch the sugar I eat. About the only fruit I eat are bananas.

I like pineapples best.

I like all fruits but my favorite is pomegranate.

I love grapes and oranges.

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Are my favs

Tomatoes foe show!

Mangos, bananas and pineapples are the ones i like the most, i like to drink banana milkshakes once in a while.

I love watermelon, bananas and blueberries
I’ve been eating lots of bananas lately

Avocados are good.