What does it mean when dr says this

”moderately stable” and ”wobbly sense of reality”

Reasonably stable, but not as stable as ideal.

Is anyone at ideal stability?

We’ve already answered this question multiple times in another thread.

yeah but i havent got a proper explanation

Sorry for posting this separately from the above. Clicked the send button too fast.

Alternating between more and less adequate reality-check.

Just my interpretation, not knowing any details about the situation.


Have you asked your doctor to try to clarify?

I feel I am too stable… I feel my condition is almost “rigid”. I’m sure the doctors appreciate that stability more than I do.


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what does reality check mean

The level of being “in touch” with objective reality as it is, and not just from a subjective point of view of one’s own experience. Of course, some (perhaps even many) “normal” people have poor reality check, but rarely as conspicuously as psychotic people.


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ah i see. Does it mean I’m psychotic now or not

I don’t know, but it sounds like he thinks you’re on the borderline.


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