What Does "Drop The Attitude Please" Mean?


What exactly is an attitude? Why does it need to be dropped? :question:


It means: conform, act normal, be invisible, be silent, smile, pretend.


So I need to learn to act normal. :laughing:


It depends… I have heard it said when someone is getting snappy about something, complaining, and stuff… and with a tone of voice that is kinda on edge, and snappy…
I have usually heard it as “Lose the attitude…” means the same thing.



Sometimes you need an attitude or people will walk all over you.


I think it means stop treating me like crap and act like an adult.


What Does “Drop The Attitude Please” Mean?

It means to drop yours so that theirs is higher!


My favorite is… “would you like some cheese with your whine?”

Or “wow, there is a lot of caffeine in your VENTi.”