What Does "Drop The Attitude Please" Mean?

What exactly is an attitude? Why does it need to be dropped? :question:

It means: conform, act normal, be invisible, be silent, smile, pretend.

So I need to learn to act normal. :laughing:

It depends… I have heard it said when someone is getting snappy about something, complaining, and stuff… and with a tone of voice that is kinda on edge, and snappy…
I have usually heard it as “Lose the attitude…” means the same thing.

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Sometimes you need an attitude or people will walk all over you.


I think it means stop treating me like crap and act like an adult.

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What Does “Drop The Attitude Please” Mean?

It means to drop yours so that theirs is higher!

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My favorite is… “would you like some cheese with your whine?”

Or “wow, there is a lot of caffeine in your VENTi.”

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