What does 151515 mean?

Just can’t figure it out :frowning::no_mouth: * edit 151515 :wink:

I don’t know 151515


Short posts

How are you tonight

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Oh you mean 15 characters? :smiley: I’m fine, finishing a translation, but feel quiet tired after a tough day (0:30 in my country) and how are you? :slight_smile:


If you add the one to the five you get 6…three times…not being serious at all but it does come out to 666 lol…


or subtract 2 and it will give triple bad luck. As well as the 12 disciples and Jesus %)

based on extensive research and spy work… we’ve come to the conclusion it’s the secret pass member code to show you’re a spy



It’s Morse code. 1 is a dot and 5 is a dash. Were all just saying AAAAAAAA. Like The Fonz.


It’s my IQ, my weight, and my age.


Wait…wait…is that why 13 is considered unlucky…

So is really the spy code for the locked bathroom?!

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I had a dream today… I was walking around a dormitory telling everyone there’s a fire, I walked into the bathroom and started telling everyone in the shower to get out, but in one of the stalls, I say 2 guys and an older man - the older man was ■■■■■■■ one of the guys. They all looked at me, but I just moved on to the next shower stall, didn’t even look twice :stuck_out_tongue: … aka, locked bathroom ain’t pretty.

Well then is can stay being locked!
I was thinking more like in old gas stations in films or a fast food place…but you have odd dreams

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hmmm, wait Judas was the 13. disciple I think some believe that’s why :wink: