What do you need your Sz,SzA, Dx to do for you?

Do for you, be for you, or replace you?
In the end, what do you you really want from it?


It’s just a diagnosis. It does nothing. It’s just for the pdoc orientate himself/herself on how to treat you.

It serves no useful purpose that I can see?

The Sz itself?
Not the label.

Does it really serve no useful purpose?

It’s useful for the pdoc.

What do you use it for?

I sometimes need my label SZ to talk for me when I cannot.

Well I used to be able to have hyper-focus on one thing for a long time. Unfortunately it didn’t typically work on things that would give real world benefit. I read Jurassic Park in a day or two but often couldn’t do homework for more than an hour or two at a time.

These days, I don’t think I have the hyper-focus any more.

I can tell you what it did for me. It took a group of odd/damaging/unexplainable behaviors/traits/experiences and put them in one place with one label that could atleast to some extent be explained and dealt with as a result.
Before my diagnosis I just knew something was wrong with me but had no idea what and so didn’t know what to focus on. Now I can focus on getting to know sz better, and so get to know myself and why I think this way, and do that, and experience these things. It all falls under one umbrella now. It all fits into one box. I’ve found that oddly comforting.


@Hedgehog explained it for me.

I just realized it really is more than just a label for me.


I just wanted help. I went through hell. I was suffering deeply. I was traumatized. I was suicidal. If I hadn’t gotten help I wouldn’t be alive today.

I think schizophrenia has empowered me to become a better nurse as soon as I’m done with school.

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My Dx got me to think clearly about my entire life and what was mine to own and what wasn’t. I feel much more clear on that. It didn’t help much else, though. What it did TO me was encourage me to fantasize about a reality that will likely never be where people and the world are much kinder.

sza has done nothing for me, just one last proof I am failure

You’re not a failure @cbbrown, don’t say things like that, you sound like your in-laws have gotten you to take over their evil work.

You are a kind soul, who loves animals, and puts up with far more evil and hatred than you should.
One day when those “out-law” in-laws are far enough away, you’ll shine like you were meant to do, and life will be good to you.
Keep up your spirit, I’m rooting for you!