What do you look at on the internet?

i was just wondering what other people do on the internet?

maybe we could play games together and set up a scoring system or something idk

i generally just either come here or go to a chat site here- http://tinyurl.com/o4qy8to

my name on the village is ‘fanta’ btw and it is mostly for people with sz

i also go onto facebook and youtube

Check in here +sz- forums.com. You tube. Sometime I go to the Drudge Report + read some of their real news. However I think they are right leaning + I’m not. They’ve shown awful looking pictures of Hillary Clinton + I think they did it on purpose.

I haven’t read Pam Wagner’s wagblog in a long time, but there’s always something interesting to read there.

I used to be far more imaginative and adventurous when entering search terms but recently began to realise that the web is boring me these days. I then started thinking its actually because nothing really surprises me online anymore because of over use… so it’s me that’s become boring in the end.

At present I surf the usual mixture of shopping and news outlets as well as a few art profile hosting sites and occasionally urban exploration sites.

I spend like 90% of my time on the internet right here

i do e-mails for business which is slow and boring, this site and a depression site that i found before this site .
take care

I always like to read and the internet is my library :smile:

I check different forums including this one, research random stuff like today it was about tiger salamanders since i have one i thought it was only right to look up videos on youtube about them.