What do I miss often

During the USSR it was possible to bring back to Finland black caviar and Soviet champagne in the 1980s. It was quite inexpensive. Now just a little can of caviar costs 50 euros and good sparkling wine over 10 euros. Those were good times, unfortunately the USSR collapsed taking away this real royal meal: caviar and champagne. In those times poor people as were were able to enjoy these meals. The world changed.

At the expense of how many millions murdered for their beliefs?

No, I do not want to start with that discussion, there is a secret history of American cold wars against socialism in which millions have died.

ok. i’ll leave some questions unasked.

Fish eggs.

How is that royal exactly?

Are those things even good for you?

What i have dubbed royal eating is that which is healthy and hasnt’ been tortured, thats royalty.

See, way back we began calling foul muddy things royalty, but it never really was, it was like we were bathing in ■■■■ the whole time and called it luxurious.

Don’t eat what sickens you, and don’t torture your food.