What do abilify,rexulti and vraylar have in common?

I seen thread here that i cant locate mentioning that these three AP’s are antaognists? What does that mean can someone please explain

They are partial agonists of the Dopamine D2 receptor. In small doses they enhance dopamine binding aka. they act as agonists; in higher doses they block it aka. act as antagonists. Older drugs used to be purely antagonists. I’m not sure about the benefits, might be that they are less prone to extrapiramidal effects.
It’s been a while since I read about these drugs, I might be wrong though :slight_smile: You should look them up on Wikipedia!

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So its not the case of wether our brain needs dopamine or not; but more it drpends on which recepters are grtting the dopamine. How are medications like geodon in which mode of action is blocking dopamine(agonists) recepters effective?