What did you eat for lunch?

i had garlic cheese bread :bread: and noodles :spaghetti: and a glass of milk :tea:


It’s 11:24 AM here and I’m still trying to think of something that sounds good for lunch.

crisp sambos are nice

Burrito with chicken, cheese, lettuce, black beans and tomatoes. I’m a damn good burrito maker :slight_smile:

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I had a tuna salad with tomatoes and mozzarella on the side. :tomato:

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Y’all are making me hungry! My burrito was for breakfast around 9:00. I wasn’t going to have lunch today.

the noodles i buy are from Asia , nicest flavours of spices i ever tasted

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Roast beef sandwich

It’s 3:06 pm here and I haven’t had lunch yet. I’m not very good at taking care of myself.

I hope I am having SUSHI!


I had a hot link sandwich with a large glass and a half of 1% milk, with bread and jam for dessert.

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Now that I have about 25% of my motivation and happiness back, I’m cooking. I just boiled some pasta I’m making tagliatelle with chicken and white sauce. But tomorrow I’m gonna start juicing. I’m gonna go and buy a bottle of sparkling wine though for today.

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Reuben sandwich.

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do you mean the restaurant reubens? or does it stand or something?>

a jabberwocky…i was realy hungry. :imp:
take care :alien:


Pasta with cheese and bolognaise sauce :blush:

Pasta with sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese.

Some fruit Grapes, Mellon and Pineapple

and a cheap Isotonic drink.

Oh and a bag of berry mix jelly babies!

I’m a sushi fan. It will probably be sushi.

I have made chicken with rice, maybe I will eat a little bit of that. I’m drinking ice tea :tea: