What did sz rob on you...?

what did sz rob on you…?

I think it shaved a few points off of my I.Q.


My sanity, my passion and enjoyment, motivation, peace of mind, and stability.

I’ve lost all these things at one point or another.

One of the most bothersome is that it robbed me of my ability to relate to 99% of the population. My experiences and path, the angels and the dead, the years I’ve spent in psychosis. I can’t talk about a large part of myself, due to them not understanding, judging, or becoming fearful.

It robbed me of parts of my humanity



I dont know, the small things really.


it robbed my sest for life somewhat you know like the sest in a orange

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It took away my ability to trust myself.

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…and I am officially asking the universe for my sest back, its mine

I don’t think it’s something you ask for back.

I think it’s something you have to work towards and take back for yourself.

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It sent me to crazy town and the point of no return. And no or very low self esteem took the rest.

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Every reason to live. I continue to exist because there is no reason to die either (at least right now) - it’s kind of neutral, pointless state of existence I am in now.


My IQ, my memory, my piano playing, my peace of mind… so much. If that’s really what my problem is. I’m still not convinced I have sz

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My lifeeeee and love for life

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I guess sz robbed us,

Social skills and the ability to have and education or a full time job.
Thanks to sz, I become extremely stressed when I have to do anything full-time or that involves a lot of people.

And my social skills have never been great, even as a child I was odd and the other kids noticed that, which made my social skills worse because I didn’t get to work on them.


I read somewhere we as sz are gonna eventually change this world, btw for the ‘‘better’’


My ability to feel pleasure and motivation. Other things but those are the biggest two for me

My sanity
My peace of mind
My spirituality
My physical health
My private thoughts

It made me dream and then it robbed me of those dreams.

Motivation and my once vivacious personality. Now I’m bland and don’t want to do anything.