What did I write over 15 years ago, candles and fire


Many people have their candles at Christmas not necessarily thinking what the purpose might be. Many do this to show neighbors some common interest and unionism. Some have learned the habit in their childhood without ever having any deep thoughts of any particular purpose. What might this purpose then be? Often it is joined with fire, the symbol of life and security, and people in the past thousands of years already practiced the fire worshipping, because it gave them security and protection from any environmental hazards and dangers. Later fire was already used to increase the comfort of humans and their societies making people’s lives easier. However, the candle can be perceived as a symbol of truth, life and hope. One may use candles to send signals to others or burn these just for fun without any deep thoughts. The light and composition of the flame rarely changes in its general form although it can be manipulated with little amounts of chemical and other mineral ingredients. For some ‘the candle’ is the symbol of all energies including any forms of energy uses such as bombs and nuclear reactions. However, in the very practical sense the flame of the candle is nothing else but the energy release from the burning process of oxygen and inflammable fuel started with one little match.


Interesting :face_with_monocle:

You sure live in the past a lot.


Actually these writings are from my book I started writing in 2007, the Book for the Generations. The book contains writings about wisdoms and truths that may be helpful for the future generations. I have written over 100 pages. I am quite selective what I post here on the forum because some writings might get flagged. Here is another writing from the book I posted earlier:

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