My book, the Book for the Generations, delusions

I have reviewed some of my writings I wrote 15 years ago. I started writing ‘the Book for the Generations’. I notice that I had all kinds of delusions. I wrote initially on paper, but 10 years ago I transferred some of these pages to the digital format. Here is one example of my writing:


In 50 minutes the new year 2008 shall begin the year of angels - the angel year. There shall be good and bad angels and there shall be many events that can not be explained by ordinary and usual scientific methods or analytical processes, but these shall be caused by angels with magic powers in the year of the magic number 8. There shall be more appearances of angels to humans on the Earth and more humans shall become religious, although others may fall in the trap of psychological illnesses and other breakdowns. In the year 8, 2008, human and living beings shall experience the war between good and bad angels who all try to dominate the world and all humans. Only the most intelligent and most powerful shall win the war of angels of 2008 - the war of angels. The countdown to start the war has started.

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