What could these dreams mean?

Now, I’m not usually one for dream interpretations, especially generic ones, but sometimes, in our dreams, I do believe our subconscious selves are trying to tell us something.

I’m going back to school in january, and I’ve been having some dreams about it recently.

In the first dream, I’m talking to a guidance councellor. I break down crying as I tell the person that I don’t want to go to school, I just want a job (which is true), but jobs are impossible to get here if you don’t have an education. I also tell them that I want to move, but I’m scared to because this is the only place I have friends and where I’m connected to the psychiatric system.

In the second dream, I’m looking at schools and jobs back in Norway (I moved to Denmark from Norway a good 6-7 years ago), because I apparently, in the dream, want to move back there.

Do these dreams mean anything? Am I just a bit scared of starting and possily failing school again, or do you think there might be an underlying issue?

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Our dreams often reveal our anxieties and it sounds like these are anxiety dreams!! What you are anxious about.

Well, I am kind of anxious about starting school again. I don’t want to get sick from the stress, I don’t want to let myself get that stressed. I’m worried about whether I’ll be able to stay awake during classes, make friends, and withstand it all, and whether I’ll be able to do my schoolwork in a satisfactory way.

I’m also worried about disappointing those around me if I fail yet again.

In the past, I would take all my stuff and move away if that happened, but I can’t do that anymore. Running from my problems won’t make them go away.

It bothers be that it would bother me enough to influence my dreams, though.

Dreams are easy to be influenced, they are very trippy and can target the most seemingly mundane parts of your life. Don’t stress it, I think dreams are often exaggerated thoughts.

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Those really sound like very straightforward dreams. It seems you are very anxious about those topics.

As for moving back, if your life was simpler/happier in Norway than it could be a desire to go back to those times. If you were a mess in norway because you were trying to keep up with school and whatnot there then it could be anxiety of returning to that chaotic past.

I had a dream the other night where I was trying to hang out with friends but a mentally handicapped gorilla kept following us around and interrupting everything, we wanted to be nice because of its special needs but at the same time found it a pain to deal w bc I mean it was a giant gorilla. In the end turns out the gorilla was faking it and was actually an evil mastermind who opened up an interdimensional portal in the sky to let some unspeakable evil through. I flew up there to stop him and did so by simply pushing him off the platform (lol). I walked in the portal myself and found the last level of a videogame that came out recently. That’s it. Now try and interpret THAT for me :joy::joy:

If I was going back to school and wanted a low stress and well paying job I’d work to be a plumber. Or even better a hvac tech. I had a relative that did hvac and he only worked during the summer and made enough for the whole year

Perhaps it is because you were healthier in Norway? :thinking:

yeah sounds like an anxiety dream of the very issues that are on your mind. Think most people have those types of anxieties when starting a new path. Your mind seems to want to work through them in your dreams. I get these type of dreams too.

I really wasn’t. I felt healthier because I had two jobs I really liked and felt good at, and they made me interact with people and get a lot of positive feedback.
But I withdrew from the reset of society when I wasn’t working, and my place was a mess. I was undiagnosed at the time, they just thought I had ADHD, so I was very desperate to get some sort of relief from my symptoms.

Plus, I lived in a very small town, where rumours traveled fast, and it made my paranoia worse, so when I uprooted and left, it was partially because I was sick of my family being shamed by untrue rumours about me. People in small towns can be mean if they don’t like you.

I might have done better if I had lived in a bigger town with more access to mental health care, or health care at all, but I don’t regret moving to Denmark.

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