What care services do you get?

No. He’s a social worker who handles my case in county mental health

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I get more help than most other people with schizophrenia I know. I live in Amsterdam the Netherlands in a rented appartment. I get weekly three hours of cleaning my appartment paid for by the municipality, they also pay for six hours a week accompaniment. I can go to a nearby Fountainhouse, I do so every Monday morning. I see a psychiatrical nurse from a large care organisation once every three weeks, paid for by insurance. I see a dietitian every two months paid for by my insurance. Twice weekly a nurse helps me with washing and clothing paid for by the insurance. I see a psychiatrist about twice a year.


My case manager deals with people’s finances, although I now manage my own money. He also helps you apply for government assistance with housing, food, health insurance, ect. In 2008, my case manager applied for and rented the apartment I currently live in. I didn’t do anything except I might have signed the lease. I really don’t remember now. He also used to take his clients grocery shopping, to doctor appointments, ect.


Living in family home. Rarely see care coordinator, entitled to immediate (or as close as it gets) appointments with psychiatrists.

Also nhs co ordinated.

Nothing else really, the rest is self made or self existing out of circumstances. For the most part, diagnosis is not known or aired publicly

I’ve done my own case management and research. I did have more assistance at a previous mental health clinic, but I prefer independence.

I live with my father. I get social security granted for two years. I don’t need to pay to see my psychologist and my legal guardian takes care of my insurance. So I get every january a card where red recipes are payless for me. I was, the beginning of my psychosis, for the first two years, in working therapy. But now I can’t handle it anymore. I could go back but I lost all hope.

Mrs. Squirrel occasionally brings me a cuppa.


I get medicaid and snap. I also have monthly phone visits with my psychiatrist. Hopefully I don’t lose these benefits and become a wandering lunatic on the streets of west virginia—which kind of sounds fun, if there were actual streets and not just barren dirt roads to nowhere.

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