What are your views toward authority?

Have others influenced you to like or dislike it?

I like it here in canada with the food, malls, a bunch of first world privileges, etc.

I think my church, for some strange reason, tries to deter me from trusting it though. Maybe they need people to dislike it… that way more people come and try to heal a sickness so that the pastors make more money with more attendance.

But i like north america. How bout you?

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I’m pretty against authoritarianism and statism, so I dislike authority that forces you to do something, at least for the most part. But I still respect some authority, such as my faith and my parents. If you would rate my dislike on a scale of one to ten, it would be about an eight or nine, simply because I don’t like coercion and government force.

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I find that historically, state power is a necessary evil, but that people should remain vigilant in keeping it as low as the common intelligence permits.

A well-connected, politically savvy populace doesn’t need an overbearing authoritarian state micromanaging it, for example. Something’s going to give in that kind of a system.

China’s a living example of that, I don’t expect the people to have ever increasing living quality while government control continues to grow. People will have a taste of freedom and yearn for more, and there will definitely be conflicts between the two.


I have believed that I have no superiors and that no one is my boss and I think that’s how I was raised.

But my boyfriend is catholic and I would obey him mostly and am trying to embrace his religion and make it my religion even though my god is as more like Deepak Chopras beliefs kindof.

If I am a wanna be catholic I have to believe I have superiors as they believe the pope etc is superior and have Army like rankings which is far far from what I ever believed.

Maybe I believed in a equality.

I hate people talking down at me and bossing me about in a way I’m not ok with.

I was pretty submissive to my x and seem to be to my boyfriend too which is opposite my mum and my mum would be horrified of me doing as my man says but he bosses me in a way I approve of.

My mum is feminist too and not affectionate like me.

I feel torn perhaps now because I have had my religion be no religion but I believe in god and have same or similar beliefs to Deepak Chopra but now I might be a wanna be catholic to share religion with my man to unite us in and he took me to church and I thought it was beautiful and I cried.

I just think what a cruel god to allow hell and not just for a short punishment but for eternity.

Deepak Chopra doesn’t believe in such a god.

Can I believe in such a god and if I did believe my loved ones would go to hell and me too perhaps.

So I am a wanna be catholic thinking of converting but a part of me isn’t .

I feel torn about “authority” because I have always believed that I have no superiors and no one should boss me about supress me talk down at me etc

Why am I then “submissive “?

I would obey my boyfriend and do anything to keep him .

I pretty much obeyed my x until I wanted to go vegan and he said f uck off if you go vegan so I left.

Why did I do what he said ?
He is a great leader and I was happy doing what he asked and assisting him.

Because I’m trying to be catholic I’m trying to allow people considered superiors to be in high regard but I have a delusion that I’m everyone’s b itch and tied up in invisible restraints.

My mum may be horrified at how I am but we are different.

My mum would never curtsy for the Queen but I might out of respect and traditions and ritual not saying I’m less than her…

Authorities is perhaps a issue for me.

They have been very good to me lately.
I got my pension that helps me and they have behaved well and good to me so I appreciate that.
I love the “authorities “ at the moment.

I’m trying to believe in Jesus and be a good Christian and then become catholic maybe to be in sacred Union with my boyfriend.

I’m trying to change my belief in a way.

So I think I’m a bit torn about such things but I don’t feel badly treated.

In Sweden I was looked down at with hate but not here.

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All my life I’ve hated and distrusted authority. I still do. It started with my abusive parents. Then, my abusive husband. Then, my abusive nursing instructors. Then, abusive police officers. Then, unreasonable priests.

Thanks for your replies everyone. Theyre valuable and appreciated.

I dont think i have a problem with authority… i believe that people have the right to freedom of expression and criticism. I dont think certain countries have that though. Also nowadayas i try to watch netflix in peace but apparently my roommate has a major issue with me getting out of my knotted delusions and trying to experience randomized reality. I dont know how to get rid of this guy for now. Oh well.

I fight authority, authority always wins!

And I would download the song for you but I’m on my stupid tablet and dunno how to do it.

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Authorities are a family business. Like the mafia but legal.

I dont think so. It cant be that bad.

There has to be some standard of regulation to function well. Probably has a few bad apples rvery now and then.

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As long you are a sample citizen like me,there is nothing to worry about.

Hi, I am from Russia and have just been amended in the presidential term and now he has reset to Putin. He is the president again. I am totally in power, but I see how people live. Our average salary is 300 dolors at the new rate. for example, a Coca-Cola bottle costs 80 cents. I earn a lot more, but I want to leave the country

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I didn’t inherit my dads hostility towards authority. When he was in the navy an officer was inspecting the sailors on his boat and my dad wasn’t standing straight enough or his tie was untied and the officer hit him on the back of the legs with his sword. My dad told me he was 5 seconds away from attacking that officer but somehow he restrained himself and just glared at him. Just glaring could have got him in big trouble. But yeah, cops or any other authority really pissed him off.

Authority Always Wins

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The authorities tell me that the universe is estimated to being 250 times the size of the observable universe.

When I was involuntarily hospitalized, I believe the authority that held me was the Queen of England (technically).

When someone is involuntarily hospitalized or sectioned in the United States, can someone tell me on whose authority is that being done?

Generally speaking, the authorities are there for a (good) reason.

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