What are you you listening to RIGHT NOW and how does it effect you

I’m listening to megadeth psychotron… Yourself?

Pink Floyd One Slip Promo

It is art…

Yeah I enjoy pink Floyd and surely appreciate them as art thank you.

Makes me laugh.

It is a “shielding” call. Sign on as a guest to listen.

It makes me want to scorch the earth.

■■■■ third parties dude!!! I’m not going to check that s**t out.

1 six and half a ball… How you doin?

Keep in mind my 6s ARE EXTRA STOUT

Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman…the whole album gives me energy.

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How does it effect me? Well, im a little scared, i feel a strong amount of discomfort and confusion. Im at the very same time filled with a large amount of laughter/cackling.


Well good to go guys

i wasnt listening to anything but this was a recent.

makes me think of innovation and creative drive

ive been learning this song on my guitar its going good :blush:

Hellbent by Mystery Skulls. Just need something to help release tension.

Oh god it’s my jam. Never seen finer talent in my life.


makes me feel pumped up

Various songs on pandora. Keeps the boredom at bay.

Yes! This song is hilarious!

CAKE. Always been a good band. Make me think about how cool everything can be.