What are the side effects of prolixin?

I’m thinking of switching to a different med at a higher dose. Respiridone in large doses scare me. I think generic prolixin is my next step. It’s all about stay relaxed and distracted and having happy thoughts.

After the near total relapse I’ve learned the value of taking proper meds.

Gonna get in with the doctor soon.

Gotta check the fluids in my car and get the tires aired up. It’d take me months to get into the only psych office here in town so I gotta go to Kansas City area. Throughout the med change I’ll probably be in and out of the psychs office.

I’ll also ask for more dissolvable zyprexa tablets. They really do mellow out the psychosis. I only have 3 left. Emergency situations only.

Some info from good ole Wikipedia:

I am on prolixin and there are no side effects on me with the drug. I take the generic fluphenazine. cheap cost med. I don’t have voices so you may need to take something on top of the med for voices? It may quell voices i don’t know.

Muscle weakness, akathesia and a deluded version of reality was what I experienced. I felt life looked differently on prolixin (in a bad way). And I couldn’t work out and was having terrible akathesia. Worth a try I guess, but with me they decided to inject me with prolixin the day I was leaving the hospital out of the blue. It was a terrible next few months. After spending a terrible 2 weeks in the worst hospital I’ve been in where I was abused and treated very poorly while in such a feeble state.

Prolixin sounds like its a good med, but its not the only AP out there - everyone reacts to these meds differently.
I am currently on Risperdal and I do probably need more medicine, but I am also cautious about going any higher on the Risperdal - 3 mg and over made me too agitated and anxious - gave me a rapid heartbeat.

I do not trust the side effects on higher doses of Risperdal - I may talk to my pdoc of either trying to add another low dose AP or completely switching to another AP - I am just not very even right now - I am always on edge with my symptoms

I dont like the whole prolactin gynokimastia (sp?) effect. Ive swollen up in those areas already I dont want that to continue. I want off of respiridone.

I dont blame you - I am getting fed up with all of the different side effects Im getting - I think that Im through with Risperdal myself

I used to be on Prolixin depot(it’s called Moditen over here) for 2 years. I got these bouts in the evenings where everything looked weird, like everything had more depth to it, in a menacing way, it was a visual thing. It was quite disturbing. I had them a couple of times without Prolixin also but it was rare. These got worse and worse and more frequent as time went by. Then I started getting panic attacks with the feeling, before I came off it I had 3 really bad panic attacks a week together with the “depth feeling”.

How did life feel different for you? The same way I described?

Here’s a video on it:

He says the shot lasts only a week to 10 days, that was my experience, I’d get the shot every 2 weeks a 4 days before the shot I’d start to get symptoms.

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Sounds similar to what I experienced. I ended up getting the shot like 4-5 times before I finally decided I couldn’t do it anymore and switched to saphris and ultimately abilify.

I remember telling my mom “LIfe looks different in 2013 than in 2012” and she was like “how” and I wasn’t sure…but in a “menacing way” is a good way to describe it". Then when I went off the prolixin it was back to normal and realized that was the cause of it.