What about prom, Blane?!

I just signed up for live TV through Hulu and they’re playing Pretty in Pink on some channel called Freeform. Now that’s what I’m watching.

It’s been about 15 years since I’ve had live TV. :tv:


:astonished: What have you been watching then ? Just netflix / etc ?


Most American hipsters don’t have cable. Not calling u a hipster @Gamera :wink:

Just saying it’s a common trend for at least ten years now

I don’t think my sister has had cable for 12-14 years or so

I keep it for the sports solely


It’s been almost that long for me too. Yeah, just Netflix, etc. Watching Netflix now…


I bought DVDs and then eventually just did the steaming services.

Every time I stay in a hotel I start thinking about live tv again and this time I signed up.


Maybe now it’s retro. :sunglasses:

I usually just end up watching the same things over and over, or I want to watch something but spend forever trying to choose. Sometimes I miss just watching whatever’s on.

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Great movie @Gamera! Blane? That’s not a name! That’s a major appliance! :joy:

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From what I remember of that movie🎥 , she was chasing after some guy and then stopped being interested once she caught him.

Or was that sixteen candles.

I’m not sure now.

Either way, a life lesson !


In Pretty in Pink she’s got a crush on Andrew McCarthy. They fall in love but he’s a rich kid and she lives on the wrong side of the tracks with Harry Dean Stanton (dad). He asks her to prom but then blows her off because his friends don’t approve. She makes a pink dress and goes anyway, he sees her and realizes he made a huge mistake and they make out in the parking lot.

In Sixteen Candles she’s a freshman with a crush on a popular senior. He likes her too but his friends don’t approve. Later he realizes his mistake and they end up making out sitting cross legged on a table over a birthday cake. She’s also wearing a pink dress.

Obviously these movies are very dissimilar. :laughing:


No wonder I got confused !

Thanks for clearing that up lol. :joy:

But 80s movies are the best !


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