Went to pdoc

He is hoping that the cutting and thoughts were a fluke. He wants us to make a contingency plan.

On a more fun note, the house is clean, Jeremiah is napping, Maria is at her great great aunt and uncles, so, I am going to have a movie day!!! Yay!


Great to hear you are doing fine. Did you watch the judge?

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what is a pdoc?

Psychiatric doctor.

@san_pedro What is a pdoc/tdoc

@samples32 you’ve motivated me to get moving on my housework etc. Totally multitasking now cooking to make some some potato salad, pasta salad and egg salad. While the dishes are soaking and half way through making the bed. Must put a load of washing on now… A house husbands work is never done! Hey! Wait! I live alone! Does that work!?


@samples32 was there a med change or adjustment? Just curious

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Nope. I am going up on the latuda as scheduled in a week.

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Hmm, three different salads. Well they say variety is the spice of life.