"Well, what have we here?"

It was a doctor. I was 6 and couldn’t speak. I had slammed down on my leg after my sister got off the see saw leaving me up in the air.
That’s all I remember, now. At least I know I’m alive.

I played a see saw game with my girls when they were little. I called it “Princess in the Tower.”

My job was to save the Princess. My daughters would sit on each end…one of them would go way up in the air…I’d run over with open arms…then she would plop back down and I’d stumble just grasping at air.

Then I’d rush back to my other girl who was now up in the air claiming…“I’m going to save the Princess!!”…only to have her plop back down to the ground level…leaving me grasping at thin air again.

I’d run back and forth like this. The kids couldn’t stop laughing. But I suppose the other people in the park thought I was nuts!


That’s really cute and sweet @anon39054230 . You’re an awesome dad.


Thanks for the compliment @anon4362788! :slight_smile:

Another game I made up when the girls were toddlers, I called “The Blind game.”

I’d put them on my shoulders…they’d wrap their little hands around my eyes so I couldn’t see…then I’d stumble around the apartment picking up random stuff.

I’d go “Oh! Is that the phone ringing? I’d better answer it!” Then I’d blindly pick up the iron…hold it to my ear and yell out “Ouch!!”

Then I’d say, "I think it’s raining! Better get my umbrella! Then I’d pick up the broom and walk outside.

Stuff like that. The girls thought it was hysterical!

Aaahh…this thread is bringing back some fun moments from my daughters’ early years.


Your love for your girls really shines through.

One I made up is…of course…Zombies. its like tag, only one kid chases and tags the others, then that kid is a zombie. They keep going until they are all zombies. Whoever is the last survivor is the first zombie next round.


I remember playing freeze tag when I was a child at the park during school that was fun

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