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Gross pigs lying about people that they’re stalking. Phony dumbasses assisting them and accusing you of things, only they would do. Telling lies like; “somebody saw”. They think that’s their ticket to help sex offenders and abuse people. They should be forced to take a polygraph test. They know they’re lying. I’ve never done anything to see. They like causing stupid problems for people, because they want stupid people to run your life.


Thanks for your candidness … but can you go anymore specific? It’s difficult to help you if you cannot. It sounds like paranoia.

A baby step I tell myself, is to identify one example or anecdote, and share just that.

You can start with something or anything extremely innocuous from your past, anything at all really. People like stories! And you on most days like posting!

I’ll start with ME!!

Back when I was undiagnosed and beginning to hemorrhage friends and respect at work, etc etc,

I was socializing (it was slowing down though) but nonetheless I was socializing.

One male friend said in mixed company: Yeah [Mike] really liked ‘American Psycho’. (The movie with Christian Bale).

We were all approximately 26 years old when that went down. And it couldn’t have been just a ‘senior moment’. It’s just inexplicable to explain why he said it. He may have even gone a step further actually and said I was passionate about the movie?

Let me back up: I did take it in when it was brand new. But it’s not my cup of tea! I received a ‘penetrating gaze’ from someone who commands respect.

For the layperson out there, it’s a fictional story where a dude hurts women. There’s a scene where he even throws a chain saw down a stairwell and ‘gets someone’ in doing so. I think… I AM NOT a fanboy of the movie!!

So my point, I hope some read this… Is that it felt like a sinister lie. We were young, it couldn’t have been a senior moment out of my compadre at the time!

They help stalkers make me sick, just so some spaz can pretend he has class, by telling perverted lies about women. I’m probably the most celibate person my age, in this town. Probably in this state.

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I’ll support you.

I felt bad when you said you felt like you were getting enough.

And Perception is reality. And even if we aren’t correct all the way we can still feel bad from the perception… faulty or otherwise.

Are you catholic?

You shouldn’t feel cornered into ‘chastity’ or celibacy… you seem here anyway to equate sex (and everything that goes with that) with being bad.

( didI take World Religions in college (don’t get me wrong) but alas it’s my Sunday school and private high school that made me point out ‘catholic’ at the outset…

I don’t know what you mean by, me saying I was getting enough. I never said anything like that. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let some phony liar run my sex life. It’s not because I’m proud of being celibate, it’s just that I’m rarely attracted to anyone. But it’s irritating how classy a bunch of lying pigs think they are, every time they have a lie to tell. And all the things they accuse you of, are lying stalkers.

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Any chance you could find a therapist?

I’ll say a different story about the same male who I’ve decided I loathe now.

In private I was mad at a first cousin for being mean to my sister. I’ll add this touch too that me and said cousin nowadays have an awesome relationship.

BUT one man talking to another; I said [this cousin] was an angry feminist. I was mad at her, and blowing off steam.

This male friend at the time said in email to me back: ‘yeah I prefer male chauvinistic pigs, they have so much more to say’.

My Sz triggered… as though he was counting me as a part of that comment so he could tow a neutral line, and well, the written word gets me more, you know?

Now I could defend myself on here but maybe I’ve done enough already. Maybe I can leave myself wide open and no one will critique me.

But oh my gosh I have a lot to say about this male friend… and you’d really like me, or at least get a tremendous kick from it. I should start a thread!

You don’t sound well @Brendalyn. Are you seeing your doctor regularly?


Are you sure this is really happening? Could it be schizophrenic paranoia?

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I wish. The whole town I live in, practically contribute. I’m sorry I sounded so angry, but they get a kick out of telling disgusting lies.

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I’m sure I wouldn’t need a psychiatrist, if people weren’t as nasty as they are.

Well, I don’t really understand some of your comments, but I’m not a man. Some people just wish I was. I’ve read a lot worse problems on this forum, but if I say a thing, everyone tries to gaslight me. Whatever.

Are you sure this is really happening? It sounds like paranoia. When do you see your pdoc next? You should be sure to bring this up to her.

I do not read many long posting because I do not have enough concentration, but your world sounds quite weird.

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