Wedding dress shopping in the morning!

We’re my mom, soon to be mother in law and I are all going to go wedding dress shopping for me in the morning! I’m super excited! I have a sash that says “bride to be” a mask that says “bride” and a veil that says “bride to be” Idk what I’ll wear there but I think I’m gonna look great in the morning


I hope you have fun😊 congrats and hugs!

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What a fun time! Don’t let your mom tell you she doesn’t like that perfect dress you find. That always happens on say yes to the dress.


@roxanna. Thanks! Hugs!

@Rabbit_Farmer. Oh I’m sure she’s gonna try but I’m paying for this dress not her

CONGRATS @Twialine !! Sounds like good times!

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Hi @Twialine! Please send us a pic of your dress.:blush:

@see121. I will when I have a better pic

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