Ways to boost confidence

What are some easy first steps to building up confidence again?

If you have found a way that boosts this, and sustains, please post away!

I am going to try and build this up over the next few weeks

Also, any other ways of generally reducing social anxiety - leading to better confidence would be very welcome!


I kept feeling embarrassed about my body and face. But one day, I thought, “I’m not going to apologize or feel bad about the way I look, any longer. This is me. I need to love myself.”

So, now… even if my confidence starts low, in the morning, I tell myself in the mirror that I look great. I start the day by telling myself that I look nice.

I try to not criticize myself. It’s difficult, but you just gotta be persistent with complimenting yourself often. Especially when negative thoughts come into your head. Push them out and say something nice about yourself, instead.

I think it’s all about retraining your thought process. Over time, try to make your natural thoughts more positive. Especially the thoughts about yourself.

I hope that helps. My experience is related to appearance, but you could apply this to other ways to feel confident, too.


That’s a tough one. I’m still working on that even at age 61. Careful, I thought I had the solution five years ago but these last few years I failed miserably and actually went backwards and down in confidence. People can be bast*rds.


Forgive oneself.

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