Waters of hope

Though stormy tempest blow upon these sails,
We have found solace in the dead of night.

Though the waters seem to rage,
Our anchors hold true.

Though light seem far off sometimes,
We hold fast to hope in these raging seas.

Why art thou downcast, oh our souls?
Though hope seems deferred,
We find rest in the steady calm of this night.


Sleeping at night or not? If I slept all night, I’d be happier.

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If you want to sleep try hydroxizine. It’s supposed to be for anxiety but man it knocks me out every time for 12 hours at least. I only take it sparingly when I NEED to get to sleep and my sleeping schedule is out of wack. When I wake up I’m groggy and my legs feel numb though, which is the only side effect I get from it. Highly recommended for sleep.

I just started taking xannax recently. I sleep during the day and am unable to settle down at night. That makes me a little lonely.

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I have that problem a lot as well. It sucks sleeping for 18 hours in a day but try taking one early late in the afternoon or early evening for sleep. I hate being up at night too. If you can’t fall asleep on another Xanax a little bit after you wake up try asking your doctor about hydroxizine. Doesn’t matter when I take it, even after I sleep during the day. If I’m up all night and wake up at 4 pm or so, I’ll take a hydroxizine at around 8-9 pm so I can be up during the morning the next day. It really does work.

It sucks missing a day of being up but being up during the night sucks, so it’s a sacrifice I have to make every now and then.