Water is my therapy

wondering about others and their like of water

on my good days i can swim like a fish but on my bad days my fins wont cooperate im bascially a drowned fish

wondering if people have this issue i got trying to get legs to kick in sync with arms propelling forward while swimming do u notice difference i just know waters best place for me in the world it keeps me calm i still like the water even on my bad days when i cant swim good

Being in water is calming and fun to me. I like to go swimming.

Lots of lifeguards and swim coaches in the family. My kid sis is a lifeguard now. I swim almost everyday. When I first got out of hospital, I did notice that it was really hard to get my coordination back and get my breathing back in sync with the stroke. But as I sort of re-learned it, I’m back up to where I used to be.
Quitting smoking also helped my swimming. I also surf. Sitting on my board a long way off shore and just hearing only the ocean… that is amazing therapy.
Before my swimming came back, I would run to the bathroom and sit in the bath for hours if I was upset.

Do you swim crawl stroke or just go for a more relaxing stroke? If you go to a pool, I would say use the water exercise float belts that many pools have. So you can still enjoy, relax and stay afloat. Then you can get your stroke strength up without worrying about sinking.
I’m so unbalanced and uncoordinated on land. I need the water.

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being originally from the u.k , water is like acid on my skin ( joking ), but i do avoid it , but i love looking at the ocean or the reflection of the sky on the surface of the water, or watching tv and seeing seals and fish dance in the oceans depths, that is a real sense of freedom .
take care

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I like to swim. I’m trying to get back into it in January. I swim in an indoor pool. My ears sometimes bug me though. Do you wear ear plugs when you swim??

I really like to jump into a cool pool on a warm day and I do this almost every day. I also like the sauna and steam room quite a bit. It helps to relax the muscles. I don’t get much of a cardio workout when I go swimming. I just swim really slow. It is very relaxing to be at the pool and to drink a cup of coffee there.

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I am just getting over a stint of swimmers ear. I don’t wear ear plugs because they just bug me more then they help. I buy a swim cap that is a little bigger so it will cover my ears and that helps. I like the silicone caps better then the latex ones.

If you want more cardio on a pool but don’t swim for it, try aqua jogging. A lot of pools are starting aqua jog programs due to the resistance the water gives you.

Thank you. I might try that too. I don’t like ear plugs at all. i also will try to make sure to dry out my ear when done swimming. I’ve tried aqua jogging and didn’t like it. I think you get a better workout with swimming laps.

i like freestyle its the most comfortable swim postition for me i cant do others maybe the breast stroke if my legs are cooperating to be in sync

i do use wedge floaties for my leg and focus on my arms most of my bad days when i cant use both

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i use to go swimming a lot but not recently,

we dont have floating aids in our pools and if we do they are not very good and mostly for the elderly, i’ve never seen nor heard of float belts, i think the general consensus over here is that if you cant swim stay in the shallow end until you can get strong enough and confident enough for the deep end,

when i went i did about 11 lengths at most and it took me about 30mins, i was trying to time myself and get better but i was too tense and it ended up more stressful even when i was swimming on my back,

i love the water though, the feel of it and the sound of it, rushing water makes me feel so real :slight_smile: i think it must be because we are made almost completely of the stuff lol.

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These are float belts AKA aqua jogger belts. They are different sizes and densities so they hold you up really hight out of the water or can keep you at neutral buoyancy.

They really helped me get my coordination and my stroke strength back when I was re-learning how to swim. They are also on sale at Amazon and other places like that. They should only be about 25-30 dollars. There are “fancy” ones that are 50-60 dollars and they are actually not that good.

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Definitely will look into it. Thank you!

In the summer I go to the river. I mostly snorkel. The river is the clearest in Missouri. At least the upper part of it where I live. In the winter I have what is called a swim/spa. It has a current you can swim against, it also have a seat with lots of spa jets. I had a room build around it. My favorite time to used it is when I can sit in there and watch the ice and/or snow coming down outside.

From the country Ridgerunner


I love the water. I go swimming just about everyday in a pool. It is a great stress reliever. I have always been a fearless swimmer ever since I was a kid. It was something I did a lot of. When I had time as an adult I went and took a swim class to learn the proper biomechanics of the strokes. this really helped me to develop myself as a swimmer.

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I can’t really swim. I like though to swim under water + to hang out in the deep end just suspended with a ball keeping me afloat. I can get from here to there somehow. I won’t drown nor am I afraid of the water.

I love the water and am a good swimmer. Won some stuff when I was younger.
But other than swimming I gravitate towards bodies of water and can spend hours there, especially moving water where the sound and flow are good therapy for the soul and mind.

And I’ll even still play as a kid and build a rock damn in a creek, like this one 2 years ago…creating mini waterfalls and a pool to dip in… This one had a special sound, very soothing to relax by.

And, there is an added invisible benefit, especially moving water…

“Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.”

"Negative ions generally appear in natural settings in greater numbers than positive ions. For instance, negative ions are generated by moving water – rivers, waterfalls, crashing waves, even showers and fountains – and the presence of negative ions is actually used to identify potential sources of water on other planetary bodies, like Enceladus and Titan. Waterfalls are probably the greatest producers of negative ions, thanks to the violence with which falling water breaks apart on both hard and aqueous surfaces

Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/negative-ions-health/#ixzz32XLgvUL9

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I forgot about this thread, now that it’s spring and summer and the days are longer and I can hit the water more often, it like my own church and therapy. The tranquility of a pool is a brain saver and so is the solitude of the ocean. I also love hanging out by some of our rivers and creeks.

The sound of small creeks or the bubble of my fish tank pump makes it so much easier to fall asleep.

I didn’t forget it…LOL
I mentioned in another post a week or so ago about going swimming but forgot to post back there…woops…

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I wish I had swimmed for the high school swim team. I need to be more competent in water.