Watched the first 2 episodes of "Fallout" tonight

I thought the first one was pretty interesting and good.

I thought the second one had some parts that were a bit cheesy, but it was still pretty good. Not as good as the first , though.

I do not believe that my parents are as interested in it as me , though, so I am likely only going to be able to get them to watch when there is absolutely nothing else that they can find on cable.

I guess technically I could watch it on my pc in bedroom since I have Amazon Prime, but I do not like watching tv in here, as I like to get comfortable and the way its arranged in here pretty much limits me to sitting in my desk chair to watch.

Anywho, those are my thoughts so far on “Fallout”.

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I played the game once and got bored after nuking a town

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I keep meaning to continue watching this. I’ve only done 1 episode so far. I enjoyed what I saw.