Warning: Vitamin D supplements may do more cognitive harm than good


Enthu­si­asm for tak­ing vit­a­min D to pro­mote brain health has taken a knock after 2 stud­ies in the same pop­u­la­tion have found no asso­ci­a­tion between vit­a­min D lev­els and cog­ni­tion or cere­brovas­cu­lar pathology…“Our results dampen the enthu­si­asm for vit­a­min D being a panacea for brain health. We are urg­ing cau­tion before every­one gets car­ried away with tak­ing vit­a­min D, and we can­not rec­om­mend at this time that peo­ple take it to pro­tect against cog­ni­tive decline,” Erin Michos, MD, Johns Hop­kins Uni­ver­sity School of Med­i­cine, Bal­ti­more


i was taking it for a short time but i stopped taking because the pills were so big and i couldn’t be bothered trying to force them down my throat every morning, they cost a fortune and it was a waste of money really.