Warmer weather

It’s cold right now, where I live. I hope this is the last cold weather, where I live.


Yeah, finally warm weather here, spring is a month late

Yeah it’s been cold here today.
We’re going to have some snow and freezing weather tonight.

I am sorry that you are experiencing cold weather.

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Warm here. My sister put the air conditioning on again today. It triggers me.

We got about an inch of snow today.

How does it trigger you?

It makes me hear things in the noise that it makes.

oh, ok…that has never happened to me before. All I can say is keep a good attitude.

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Ok, I’ll try to


How long have you been on this site?

3 years, how long have you been here?

I don’t care too much about the weather atm since I’m just in the house

Though I wouldn’t mind lots of rain

It’s cosy being in the house when lots of rain is hitting the windows


It’s been around two and a half years. I took a couple of breaks from this site, it’s been around a year since I was on here last.

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I thought I recognized you from before

I get pins and needles everywhere during warmer weather. I hate it. Good thing I have a nice fan.

I don’t like fans either. It reminds me of when I used to hear things through the fan.

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Yeah it’s been a while.

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Yeah, it makes me hear voices and noises and music, not in a good way

Sorry to hear that @leafy, stay strong :slight_smile:

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