War is unnatural. At least the pandemic is natural

And we don’t have to take the blame for it. Oh, you could say we brought the virus on somehow but I think I’d rather die of natural selection than by a bomb landing on my house.


War is worse, more people die and more violently.


The pandemic is killing people a lot faster than any war out there but the suffering of war has to be worse.

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Violence is a natural behaviour. Just because it’s now supported by enhanced technology, it’s still born of a basic human instinct for self-preservation

Then you believe in “Man against man.”

It’s a reality. Violence is everywhere in nature like the food chain.

Humanity is just as barbaric and senseless, we just have more toys in the box now to play with.

there will always be killing and murder and death. until the end. but there is eternal life and you know how to get .

If people could learn to think for themselves and intelligence was valued socially, maybe just maybe we could overcome war. We have cave man instincts to kill and fight but I believe they can be overcome. But what do I know. I’m just a paranoid sz fool.

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I often feel that everything that happens in this universe is natural by definition.

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