Waiting on UPS

I kinda want to start my day but I feel like I’m waiting on UPS. I need a bath before I get dressed but I have a return going out today and UPS will be bringing the label to me and he could be here anytime so I can’t get in the tub. I guess I could clean the kitchen in my nightgown but it seems weird and I would rather wait till I’m dressed. Same goes for the rest of my chores. So just waiting.


I had the same thing happen to me while waiting for my PS5 to arrive. You could check if there’s online tracking. Sometimes there is an indication for the specific time frame in which your package will arrive like between 12 and 2 PM. Sometimes they just say arriving by the end of the day though.

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I don’t wait on others anymore. Just don’t have the time to anymore. So i get on with my day. Hopefully your package comes soon.

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