Vote for tattoo

Can’t decide on which one. But for reference, it’s going next to a guitar tattoo that has roses on it.

Here’s my current tattoo

  • Sunflower
  • Spikes

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The sunflower skull is sweet🤘

Are you doing it in color or black n white??

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I want to do the flower part in color. Can’t decide between just yellow or blue and green

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Sunflower with color on the tips, compliment the colors of the one you currently have.

That’s my vote.


I vote henna ink instead of a tat. I occasionally go get these. They’re fun, but not permanent.


For what it’s worth, do the colors of full bloom of yellows and and reds, symbolized a flower in bloom at its strongest. A symbol of actualization.


Ooh I like that idea!


Enjoy dude. You deserve to treat yourself.


The spikes is not leading the poll but I love that one the best.

Hope you like whichever one you decide.


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I like flames with skulls. Maybe you could have flaming petals on the sunflower??

Anyways, I voted spikes

Either way you’re going to have a cool tattoo

My advice would be to get the artist to redraw it and put their mark on it to make it original

On my left arm I have a sleeve that on the lower arm is the artists interpretation of the album cover of Ixnay on the Hombre by the Offspring

Looks pretty cool, and I think the artist enjoyed doing it


Oh yeah im.not getting a copy of them just drawing inspiration. I think I’m going with the sunflower one as much as I like the other one. The sunflower would fit in better with my guitar tattoo, a d I like them both equally. Plus she said she has to do it kinda small since she’s an apprentice.

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Just wanted to say your tattoo is pretty rad. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! It’s pretty old but holding up well

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