Visiting a Psychiatrist in London/ Online Psychiatry?

So while still typing the headline of this thread, I saw “online psychiatry” as a suggestion from Google. Anyone tried this before?

Now onto the main topic, I got in touch with a hospital in London and they’re in the process of booking me an appointment. I’m aiming for this session to determine whether I have schizophrenia or not, as there are mixed opinions from psychiatrists where I’m currently based. So I’m aiming to have a full psychiatric assessment to determine what condition(s) do I have.

My question is how to prepare for this session? Should I write down my symptoms on a paper and hand it to the new doctor? or should I just relax and let him/her do the interview and questioning?

I have a psychiatric report already mentioning my case, but as mentioned there are different opinions regarding my diagnosis where I’m based.

Looking forward to know your opinions.


Any comments guys?

Hey, write down your symptoms and take that piece of paper with you, you may forget something important.

Good luck !


Here is a good guide that should help you prepare for the meeting:

You might also try a center that focuses on early psychosis evaluation and treatment. There are centers in London (or parts of London) UK that specialize in this. These centers are better than the average hospital because this is all they focus on and are up to date on all the latest research. But go to your meeting you have scheduled - but also consider going to one of these centers.

Here is one center - if they are not close, then call them and ask them if they can recommend another early psychosis center closer to you.


and another

More info on these centers:

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Thank you very much Admin. I’ll check these centers out now.

My positive symptoms are in remission though. Should I still go to those early intervention centers?

I suspect it might still be helpful (if its not too far away and not too much of a hassle to get to) - because they have very good comprehensive programs - therapy, testing, etc. - that are best in class. Much better than you’d get in a typical psychiatrist’s office.

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