Violent OCs

I don’t think there’s going to be really graphic descriptions of violence,etc. so I don’t think this thread needs a trigger warning…
But do you think it’s okay for mentally ill people to make violent OCs(Original Characters definition if you need it)? I know some people use them to cope and neurotypicals will think we’re violent no matter what but I still feel scared/kind of stigmatized for having one? Is it normal for us to sometimes gravitate towards violence in some form (I don’t mean in the sense of acting it out in real life or harming yourself) due to stigma?

Most art associated with Schizophrenia seems to be dark. I would love to see more happy stuff, but I guess a lot of them are painting what they see when they hallucinate. If I could do that I’d be drawing so much anime, I see cute anime girls when I lay down to go to sleep. I see it so vividly, if I could draw and share it with others that would be incredible. I just don’t have the gift.

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I think it’s OK to do whatever the hell you want that isn’t illegal or directly harmful to others.

Manipulating people for your own benefit = bad.
Painting a blasphemous painting of some prophet or something having incestuous gay sex while killing his child = fine.

Mental health is not a factor here. Don’t let your artistic expressions be limited by what other people think of what you do. Life’s too short to be that timid.

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