Video games boost cognitive function and mental health in schizophrenia patients


I swear by pinball too. I bought a small toy pinball machine at the thrift store and it seems great for my mood and cognition.

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Video games are very bad for overall health don’t play

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Do you think it’s healthy to stare into screen long periods of time not fixing your posture and not breathing fresh air .?

And also video games creates illusionary movements inside your brain but your real body doesn’t move

The anti-video games crusader strikes again :sweat_smile:


I’m glad I’m not hearing that violent video games make people violent.

all while saying to quit gaming then a day later talking about the game they are playing. lol not trying hate on dude but its ironic


Not a console player but always been a computer gamer from the initial text adventures back in the day.

Yes. I think they are like crosswords and other more mundane games/puzzles and they all help for keeping the brain going. You need to make decisions and work on problems. It’s not bad. I think the skills I get from games really does help me and gaming got me through times where I couldn’t watch movies or tv because of the sz…but I could play computer games and get enjoyment from the process.

If you’ve problems with obsessive playing or thinking your going to be a professional video game player you need to take stock…it’s a huge market these days and so few people do that sort of stuff…meanwhile as a source of entertainment it’s just no different to me from movies or tv.

Games are great for imagination. Scientists say it good to use your imagination.

I’m playing video games but I shouldn’t it’s not healthy

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