Very surprising lab results

I thought my painful stiff joints, which started a month ago, was from the asenapine, which I started 2.5 months ago.

My blood tests results for autoimmune diseases and systemic inflammation were very abnormal. I’m so surprised.

In the healthcare system I’m in, you get your results before speaking to your dr so all I know is they’re way out of range. I hope I hear from her today but I know she’s really busy so I doubt I will.


Remember that even out of range results need to be very high for some things to be of concern

Like Prolactin - mine was very high, but they let it slide as it wasn’t critically high

Best try to understand the results when they call

I used to get upset that they didn’t do anything, but that’s the way it goes sometimes

We also get our results through early for hospital tests

A website called patients know best does ours


That’s true. So I guess it could still be the asenapine. But I will say they showed normal ranges and my results are very high - way out of range.


I hope they can help you with this. Fingers crossed they can treat it!

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Thanks @Joker 15

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