Very High Risk of Substance Use, Mood Disorders in Schizophrenia


Can you tell us what these say?

@LED the study examines the entire Danish population.
Patients diagnosed with schizophrenia had an increased risk of being diagnosed with a subsequent substance use disorder compared with the general population (hazard ratio [HR], 4.4 overall, 4.7 for men, and 3.9 for women).
The highest risk was in the first 6 months (HR, 31.8), although schizophrenia patients were still more likely than the general population to be diagnosed with a substance use disorder even 15 years later (HR, 3.2).
( I note that the hazard ratio is very high).

Schizophrenia patients were also more likely than the population to be subsequently diagnosed with a mood disorder than were members of the general population (HR, 2.7 overall for both men and women).
The same time trend was observed, with individuals being at risk highest within 6 months of a schizophrenia diagnosis (HR, 18.8). At 15 years, the HR decreased to 2.3.
(Again, the HR is high)