Venturing forth with the daywalkers

I must go into the city to buy food.

The daywalkers will be everywhere.

Their burning endless judgements will dip into my stomach chakra and poison me more.

I can feel their searing gaze everytime.

It hurts.

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How are you getting into the city?

I feel you, I try to do all my shopping late at night or early in the morning when nobody is around.


My favorite time to do my shopping is 10:00 pm on a Friday… the store is near the university… so it’s me… my sis… a few people just getting off work from somewhere… and drunk students… who are so out there… they make me look normal.

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you will be fine… :blush:
take care :alien:

You can do better for yourself, bro. You got to fight the programming they are feeding you.

Maybe you are out of shape? Work on your appearance and I bet people will treat you better.

Maybe you outta shape bro …I saw your last pic…LOL…im just ribbing you man.

God Bless

My appearance is not that grotesque.

My son feels the same way.
He ignores everything.