Username Change

Please change my username to Wonder_Wolf. I promise I wont ask again

@ZombieMombie @Moonbeam @rogueone @ninjastar


There you go enjoy.

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Thank you! Thank you!

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What was your previous username? Just trying to keep track

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Im trying to keep that off of here because its linked in other places and can be tracked back to who i am

No idea who you were, but I like the new name :slight_smile:

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Gotcha. I thought it might have been someone else I chatted with regularly.


@ZombieMombie @Moonbeam
Can I change my name to

Can you guys delete lol my tagline too

@ZombieMombie @Moonbeam
Can I get my tagline to say
Times r dreader than dread

Thank you :gift_heart:

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